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    Bali - one of the world’s top tropical travel destinations. For plenty of good reasons. Find out why.

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  • Stay in Paradise

    Hotels, Resorts & Villas

    The variety of places to stay is incredible. Bali is well known for its accommodation choices for excellent value for money.

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  • Never Boring

    Fun Activities

    The list of fun things to do in Bali is endless. Beside the surfing and beaches the island offers countless activities and sightseeing spots

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  • Spa Capital of the World

    Body, Mind & Soul

    If you are looking for ways to treat you for some magical Spa Treatments or wish to do Yoga, get a psychic reading or visit a healer – Bali is your place

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  • Bali loves the Night

    Nightlife & Parties

    Bali ins one of Asia's hotspots for nightlife and partying. Themed beach parties, clubs, and bars.

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Welcome to Bali

Island of the Gods

Situated in the middle of the world’s largest archipelago, Bali is Indonesia’s most well-known island. Its rich traditions, colorful ceremonies, and unique culture make it stand out from its neighbors, but the Island of the Gods also offers a wide range of accommodation and activities, all within an easy distance.

Here, you can find everything from basic home-stays run by friendly Balinese families to luxurious, privately-serviced beachfront villas. World-class snorkeling and diving is available in a number of locations around the island, from the protected natural reserves of Menjangan, to the shipwreck of the USS Liberty at Tulamben, to the more challenging waters of Nusa Penida, where manta rays and the rare mola mola are sighted regularly. Bali is also known as a mecca for surfers, with a wide range of waves on offer. Beginners can give the sport a try at the forgiving sandy beach breaks of Kuta, while the size and power of waves like Uluwatu, in the Bukit region, provide a challenge for even the most experienced wave riders.

Fans of trekking and mountain biking can take a trip up to the mountains around Kintamani or Munduk, exploring trails, waterfalls, and rice fields in cool comfort, or perhaps enjoying whitewater rafting on a range of rivers in the area. Bali’s Hindu culture is unique to the island, and permeates all aspects of everyday life. Ceremonies are held almost every, celebrating the cycles of the moon, holidays, birth, marriage, coming of age, and passing away. Traditional clothing is still commonly worn, and visitors are often surprised by the canang sari offerings to Gods and demons that are found everywhere on sidewalks, shrines, stores, and homes.

Traditional dances and plays are regularly performed for locals and visitors alike, to the accompanying sound of the gamelan orchestra. Balinese culture is part of life everywhere on the island, but has found a center in Ubud, which, despite being one of the world’s most liveable places, is still run according to traditional village principles. Here, rituals, traditional medicine, and magic are still a part of everyday life, and those wishing to explore their spiritual side can find meditation programs and yoga classes that will help them achieve inner peace.

In contrast, the Southern region of Bali is a perfect home for hedonistic fun, with Kuta a center for visiting party animals drawn by the hundreds of bars and nightclubs on offer. A stone’s throw north, the Seminyak area offers more refined nightlife options, with popular bands and DJs performing regularly, as well as a host of dining choices run by the renowned international chefs who have made Bali their home. During the day, a range of boutiques sell designs by local and global designers, whose cutting edge fashions at reasonable prices attract travelers from all over the world. Tired travelers can pamper themselves with highly affordable massages and spa treatments, or simply relax on a white-sand beach with a cocktail and watch the waves come in. Whatever your interest, Bali has something for you. With so many choices on offer, travelers’ only problem is figuring out what to do and how to do it. Let us do the worrying for you. As your one-stop travel experts, we know how to guide you through the perfect vacation!

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