Bali After Dark – Nightlife

Party Seekers

Bali’s Nightlife is legendary. People from all over Asia come here to party and to go clubbing. It’s quite a dynamic scene where places pop-up and go within a year. Others have made i through time like Skygarden or Bounty in Kuta.

All through the year, but particularly during high season and November (during Australia’s Spring Break), there are tons of parties organised by clubs, bars, hotel discos featuring some of the best DJs in Asia, if not in the world.


There are several “scenes” so to speak:


For one there is Kuta, where there are mostly young people from Australia hitting the bars and restaurants in Jl Raya Kuta. Nightlife is wild here, uncontrolled and there are a lot of drugs that circle around. Eben though we are confident to say that Bali is a very safe place to travel, uncontrolled drinking and popping some colorful pills or having a joint get get you into serious trouble.

The booze and the beers are cheap here, and particularly in November the streets are filled with “schoolies” who go for their version of spring break. But, having said that, Kuta still attracts people from all walks of life and is definitely something one can experience once in a lifetime at least 😉

SEMINYAK, Kerobokan

Seminyak is more upscale, this is where the clubs and bars are, where you dress up a bit more nicely. It’s also more expensive, more controlled overall, and less chaotic. La Favela, Red Carpet are always happening.


The capital has not much to offer for tourists, but nevertheless some things re really interesting out there, beside the local shopping malls, phone shops, and tons of restaurants. Some Karaoke places and clubs draw also international visitors.


Canggu is getting more popular every year. Restaurants and hotels open almost daily. Finns Beach Club and Old Man’s are the places to go, while beach club “The Lawn” also is happening at times. These places close usually around 12 during weekdays and open a bit longer during week-end. Canggu is also a residential area and the people there have severe problems with illegal beach bars like the Sand Bar and a few other places next to it. Run by some local mafia guys, they have no license to operate, litter the beach, play music so loud till 4 or 5 in the night, so that locals and tourists can’t sleep at night. Lots of motorbike accidents (sometimes fatal), because there is no affordable transportation out there, so the people use the scooters (tragic).

We suggest you stay away from these places, in Canggu or anywhere else. Sometimes the alcohol is punched.

SANUR, UBUD and all other places in Bali

…are much more quiet and laid back. The local population made sure early on, that the nightclubs and discos stay out of town, since they do bring quite a bit of trouble with them. Restaurants close around 10 and the bars feature live bands but no real discos or clubs are around.


List of places to go



Prostitution in Bali is widespread, nevertheless it’s illegal. Tons of massage places offer Massage + or ++ which comes with the extra service. Karaoke places, all clubs and discos are pick up places of girls AND boys who offer their services. While some locals just fool around and want to have a good time and do not expect any particular payment, some smiles you will get, will come with the intention to make some money on you.

Illegal, uncontrolled, AIDS is widespread – you make up your mind.


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