Cost of Traveling in Bali

Bali is affordable, even cheap


Bali is still part of the developing world, labor cost are low, the workforce is young and motivated, and education levels are rising continuously. These and a few other factors make Bali a rather cheap and affordable travel destination. If you pay in Europe, States, or Australia a two star hotel, in Bali you will most likely get a 4 star for that amount.


In this article we will give you a quick overview and rough estimate of the Cost of Traveling in Bali

Accommodation, Resorts and Hotels, costs per night, Double room (of course, location is a price driving factor).

  • Budget / Backpacking, USD10-20 (Guest Houses, Losmen, non-star rated hotels)
  • Mid Range USD 30-60USD, up to 3 star hotels
  • Comfort and Affordable Luxury USD 70-150, 3 to 4 start hotels, could also be lowest category in a 5 star hotel
  • Luxury USD 150-350, 5 star+, here the sky can be the limit, particularly in the hotels featuring private villas such as the Samaya

Private Villas, they usually start within what we call affordable luxury

  • USD 100-200/night 1-2bedroom
  • USD 200-400 2-4 bedroom
  • USD 400-3000, all that you can imagine, from luxurious 1 bedroom villas to 8 bedroom estates with tennis court, butler, chef, and car.

Food & Drink

  • Budget Restaurant, Street Food, Warung, USD 1.5-2.5 per meal
  • Mid Range Restaurant (most restaurants, Pizzeria, etc) USD 3.5-6 per meal
  • Upper Class USD 10-20 per meal
  • Fine Dining USD 30-50 per meal



A more comprehensive article about the travel costs in Bali can be found here.

Travel Costs

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