Bali Travel Guide

Good to Know

Bali Map

Bali is part of the INDONESIAN ARCHIPELAGO. It’s basically the only dominantly Hindu island in all of Indonesia. The Javanese […]

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Bali - Handling Money, Cash and Payments

CASH In Bali, Cash is in many ways still king. The indonesian Rupiah (IDR) is a “Many-zeros-currency” which will challenge […]

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Bali Visa and Immigration - Indonesia

Visa Regulations are based on your passport / nationality 140 nationalities need no Visa (FREE ENTRY; see list below, max. […]

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Bali Weather

Best Time to visit Bali Best time to visit Bali depends mainly on the weather and on high and low […]

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Traveling to Bali

Coming from Abroad by plane If you come to Bali from outside Indonesia, several airlines offer non-stop flights from and […]

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How to get around in Bali

Bali Transportation Car Rental with Driver & Motorbike / Scooter Rental Although public transportation in Bali is almost non-existent, it […]

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Bali After Dark - Nightlife

Party Seekers Bali’s Nightlife is legendary. People from all over Asia come here to party and to go clubbing. It’s […]

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Bali Weddings - Getting Married in Bali

How to get Married in Bali? Below you will find some basic information about getting married in Bali. And to […]

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Cost of Traveling in Bali

Bali is still part of the developing world, labor cost are low, the workforce is young and motivated, and education […]

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Geography, Fauna and Flora of Bali

Landscape, Plants and Animals As a part of Indonesian archipelago, Bali stretches 3.2 km east of Java. The island is […]

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Is Bali (still) Authentic?

Why should we come to Bali and has tourism changed the island over the years? We are asked this question […]

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Inspiring Videos

Lembongan Island

The Magic of Lembongan The treasure island just 30min off the coast of Sanur. Experience a place where time ticks […]

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The Story of Mo

Meet Mo – The Balinese who adopted 6 homeless children Mo and his wife had two children, barely making a […]

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Bali - Colorful Tradition and Culture

There is more to Bali than Beaches, Restaurants, Party, Surfing, Ricefields, Bars, Shopping… 🙂

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